Leadership Development
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Leadership Development
Used successfully by hundreds of women, Fastfwd's coaching system identifies the key steps women must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership.

Our process
Our Women in Leadership workshops focus on developing women leaders who are capable of integrating feminine thinking into the organisations business plans, strategies and culture.

Women in our workshops are taken on a journey of self-discovery to establish their values, what they stand for and what their purpose is.

Individuals are
  • assessed according to their preferred leadership role/s, and are
  • assisted in developing different leadership roles
  • taught how to assess work and personal situations and adopt an appropriate role
We empower each participant to take control of her own leadership development and to have a personal development plan with specific deliverables.

Our workshops can be adapted to meet an organizations specific needs.
Book today by contacting workshops@fastfwd.co.za

All information is completely confidential. Our coaches subscribe to a code of ethics that binds them to the highest ethical code. Our clients are free to talk about their experiences and content, our coaches are not.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development
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