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Leadership and learning to manage up

The way you use your leadership skills to handle your boss very often has a say on the way your career shapes up. It would not do to say, ‘My boss is a jerk’ and ignore him, or worse have confrontations with him. It does not necessarily benefit you to change jobs either for you never know what type of boss you would in your next job. The best idea is to learn how to manage your boss and get the best out of your job.

Be dependable – have your boss rely on you. Whenever he gives you a job, ensure that you do it so well that he is delighted with it. Do not aim for a ‘satisfactory’ label, but go the extra mile and delight him with your work. Always deliver your best; become so good that he would learn to depend on you. This is one of the best advices on how to manage your boss.

Ask him what his expectations are of you – this is a gradual process where you interact with him continuously to find out what are his expectations from you. No matter what your job responsibilities are, your first duty is to see that you rise to his expectations.

Nurture mutual trust – be open and transparent in your actions. Work towards a culture of mutual trust. It is very important that you trust him as it is important that he trust you. Work hard to instill this culture at your workplace for it is one of the foundations of how to manage the leadership above you.

Be the first to take up the unpleasant tasks – do you know who is the most invaluable employee in an office? The one who happily takes up what others hate or shirk away from. Be the first one to volunteer for tasks that no one would touch – and do a great job out of it.

Make him look good – whenever you do something great give your boss the credit. Let him look good in front of his bosses. This is one of the key tips on how to manage your leadership. Always make him look good in front of the team and his own bosses.

Remember, the boss is also a human being just like you. Use your leadership skills; and with a little positive encouragement and diplomacy, you will be able to not only learn how to manage your boss, but also win him over. Isn’t success all about being able to turn enemies into loved ones?


Leadership Development
Leadership Development
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