Team Building

Teamwork is essential to operate in the global arena where performance is measured on the achievements of the collective. The ability of a group of people to operate in a team influences productivity, quality, and morale; it can also lead to fewer misunderstandings, increased communication skills and lower conflict.  Increased teamwork has been shown to lead to better problem solving, increased creativity and better decision-making. It is imperative that a company’s executive and management teams have healthy team behaviors as this will make them more productive and set the tone for the rest of the organisation and thereby overall organisational success.


Solution Outline:

  • Creating a positive team climate
  • Criteria for trust
  • Factors that affect trust
  • How to create a top performing team
  • Effective conflict handling and anger management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • Effective team leadership
  • Developing a team charter

If required, we will have subsequent workshops to address specific issues that are identified during the initial workshop.  These will be discussed with you during the debriefing.

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