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Leadership Development
Developing new ways to attack old problems.
Fastfwd's Executive Caching workshops are geared towards challenging the individual, supporting and encouraging them to discover their strengths, weaknesses and areas of development, both in their personal and professional lives.

Taking the time to deal effectively with people issues without being abrupt or over bearing can sometimes seem to be too much to ask of yourself and people you interact with on a regular basis. Fastfwd's Executive coaching workshops are designed to help individuals deal with these very important interpersonal challenges.

Further emphasis is placed on:
  • Supporting and growing high potential and emerging leaders
  • Assisting employees that are not performing at their optimum level
  • Getting employees careers back on track after a derailment
Our approach
Our coaching style focuses on"360-degree" feedback. From this we are able to identify areas in which clients might need to improve and skills that need to be refined. From here we then design and deliver in-house coaching programmes for organisations.

What does our process involve?
  • Intense preparation via pre workshop interviews, client briefing and debriefing.
  • Follow up sessions which ensure sustainability.
  • Process driven.
  • Customized / tailored to the client needs.
  • Flexibility within a defined framework.
The outcome of the workshops is an individual Development Programme for each participant, with specific deliverables which ties to the company's goals and values.

Our workshops can be adapted to meet an organization's specific needs.
Book today by contacting workshops@fastfwd.co.za

All information is completely confidential. Our coaches subscribe to a code of ethics that binds them to the highest ethical code. Our clients are free to talk about their experiences and content, our coaches are not.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development
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