The Truth about Motivation - Kick Start your 2018

A Workshop designed to offer a deeper understanding into the Psychology around Motivation. Chael Nel, Clinical Psychologist, provide deeper insight into what works, what does not work and the understanding thereof, creating a simplified and easy to follow process.

The Workshop also offers a number of proven tools and techniques in order to motivate yourself, individuals & teams and make 2018 count!


Workshop Outline:

  • Why motivational talks are not sustainable
  • Has motivation become a luxury? How to deal with the highs and lows of life
  • Emotions and Motivation – How to control emotions to stay positive
  • How to be a Looser – Loosing self-destructive thoughts and believes
  • Proven mental toolbox and techniques that works
  • Motivational Leadership – How to motivate staff for 2018
  • Introduction to the: The Emotional “weight- loss” program – How to let go off negative emotions, stay motivated and change your life!

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