Successfully Surviving the Recession: FREE 1 hour Workshop

Due to the current Economic Climate Fastfwd Consulting is “giving back” by offering a FREE 1 hour Workshop on how to Successfully Survive the Recession: Changing the mindset and mental fitness levels of leaders in order to create a different breed of managers.”  (T&C’s Apply)

Workshop Topics:

  • Managing the Fears, Depression and Insecurities that are associated with a Recession
  • How to deal with Chronic Stress and Burnout due to Financial Instability
  • How to manage demotivated staff
  • Innovating mind sets to focus on success and innovation
  • Inspiring successful creativity
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Reframing Recession

Contact us to book a FREE 1 hour workshop (T&C apply)

Terms and Conditions:
* Free 1 hour Workshop is a condensed version of our full Solution: Successfully Surviving the Recession
* Free 1 hour Workshop is available in Gauteng only
* Free 1 hour Workshop to take place at the Clients office within in Gauteng
* Free 1 hour Workshop is only available to Managers, Directors, Executives and HR personnel.
* Suitable dates and times to be agreed upon