Employee Assistance Programme

Reasons to invest in an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP):

  • On average, 15 – 30% of staff could be absent on any given day
  • Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 employees who fail to show up for work aren’t physically ill
  • 1 day’s absence can cost a company 3 day’s worth of salary
  • Absenteeism costs South Africa roughly R16 Billion per annum
  • Human Capital is the most important strategy within any company

Our Approach to Health and Wellness:

  • The individuals who work for a company are a unique and an invaluable resource, whose health, commitment and productivity is key to distinguishing between an organisation that prospers and one that merely survives.
  • We commit to design and deliver the right combination of services to help employees handle trauma, without compromising their dignity. Furthermore our offering ensures that we address all health and wellness issues holistically. Our interventions are aimed at identifying, educating and intervening to address employees’ overall health issues, through a consultative process.


  • To enhance your company’s health and wellness strategy
  • To empower employees to take ownership and to make informed decisions regarding their psychological and occupational wellbeing
  • To achieving optimal productivity, which will ultimately contribute to business success.

Areas of Treatment and Prevention:

  • Work related issues
  • Personal counselling services, such as psychological support for emotional and psychiatric conditions
  • Health issues, both general and specific disease counselling
  • Trauma support
  • Supervisors / Team Leaders / Manager concerns
  • Type of counselling: Short term, Goal Orientated, Brief Solution Focussed Psychotherapy Model
  • Quarterly Workshops

Option 1: Ad-hoc Individual Counseling:

Ad-hoc Consulting Options:

  • On-site (Counseling takes place at the clients office)
  • Off-site (Counseling takes place at Psychology Practice in Randburg)

Option 2: Full Employee Assistance Programme:

  • Monthly retainer fee
  • Customized Assistance based on clients unique needs
  • Customized Billing based on above requirements

Chael Nel: Clinical Psychologist
B.Soc.Sc. (UOFS), Hons (Psych) (UN), MA (Clin Psych) (UZ).

Chael Nel is a Clinical Psychologist with more than a decade of Professional Experience. Chael specializes in both Individual counseling as well as Couples counseling. Chael provides to the point solutions, recommendations and specific treatment plans and has successfully helped thousands of adults, couples and teenagers across a diversity of backgrounds.

Enhancing your Employee Wellness Strategy...together

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