Employee Assistance Program

Indawo offers the most Cost Effective and Unique EAP Model
currently available in the market.

Our unique model does not follow the traditional expensive retainer-per-employee model where companies pay for a service whether they utilize it or not. Our EAP model is based on a fee-per-service model. In addition to this cost effective bouquet and in association with our partners we offer a unique NQF level 5, CATHSSETA accredited skills program to manage and implement a highly successful Wellness Program.

The combination of these two models have proved to be the most successful and cost effective EAP model currently in the market and is offered exclusively by Indawo Training



  • Cost effective EAP: fee-per-service, only pay for what you make use of
  • Don’t pay for a service you are not using- choose from our wide bouquet of services and only pay for what you use.
  • Full NQF level 5 CATHSETA Accredited Skills Program for maximum implementation, impact and ROI



Within the EWP landscape the counselling intervention focusses on specific solution focused brief therapy to assist employees, managers and organisations to perform optimally.


EAP Counselling services include:

  • Personal counselling services, such as psychological support for emotional and psychiatric conditions
  • Work related issues
  • Relationship/interpersonal conflicts
  • Absenteeism and incapacity counselling
  • Managerial Consultancy, support are offered to Managers and HR functions
  • Conflict mediation
  • Motivation and staff morale problems
  • Stress and Burnout prevention
  • HIV/AIDS advice and assistance
  • Retrenchment or restructuring support
  • Diversity and Inclusion within the South African context
  • Trauma counselling – intervention to facilitate the recovery process
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching for Results
  • Quarterly Workshops



Option 1:

NQF Level 5 CATHSSETA Accredited Skills Program

This program equips wellness champions to implement highly successful wellness programs

By the end of this program, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Create a corporate wellness strategy
  • Align wellness policy and procedures to organizational vision and objectives
  • Build a team of champions and vendors
  • Develop accountability measures
  • Implement your wellness plan
  • Monitor and evaluate for continuous improvement
  • Calculate return on investment and provide feedback


Option 2:

Strategic Corporate Wellness Management

Earn 15 CPD points with SABPP

By the end of this program, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand Employee Wellness Programme optimisation strategies for ROI/VOI.
  • Acquire skills to maximise employee engagement with Employee Wellness Programmes
  • Proficiently align wellness strategy with company vision and objectives.
  • Develop and optimise the wellness programme implementation strategy (including budget)
  • Conduct an effective wellness priority planning assessment and prioritise wellness activities based on needs and budget.
  • Understand best practice in establishing a wellness committee
  • Acquire the ability to conduct surveys to align employee needs with company objectives.
  • Experience and understand the dynamics of motivation, commitment and behaviour change in wellness.




  • Training
  • Team Building
  • Financial Support
  • Health support services
  • Legal support
  • Managerial and Executive Coaching
  • Individual Psychology according to specialized requirements
  • Retrenchment/ Restructuring/ Change Management Counselling



  • Course Reporting, Feedback and Suggestions
  • Customised, on-line, Climate Survey for all Staff
  • Absenteeism reporting
  • Climate Survey Reporting and Guidelines
  • Overall Analysis and reporting

Reasons to invest in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

  • On average, 15 – 30% of staff could be absent on any given day
  • Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 employees who fail to show up for work aren’t physically ill
  • 1 day’s absence can cost a company 3 day’s worth of salary
  • Absenteeism costs South Africa roughly R16 Billion per annum
  • Human Capital is the most important strategy within any company

Our Approach to Health and Wellness:

  • The individuals who work for a company are a unique and an invaluable resource, whose health, commitment and productivity is key to distinguishing between an organisation that prospers and one that merely survives.
  • We commit to design and deliver the right combination of services to help employees handle trauma, without compromising their dignity. Furthermore our offering ensures that we address all health and wellness issues holistically. Our interventions are aimed at identifying, educating and intervening to address employees’ overall health issues, through a consultative process.


  • To enhance your company’s health and wellness strategy
  • To empower employees to take ownership and to make informed decisions regarding their psychological and occupational wellbeing
  • To achieving optimal productivity, which will ultimately contribute to business success.

Enhancing your Employee Wellness Strategy...together

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