Chael Nel: Clinical Psychologist | Facilitator & Coach | EAP Specialist

Chael Nel is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with more than a Decade of Professional Experience. Chael’s method of approach and understanding, based on his years of practical experience, brings a uniqueness to his training, coaching and workshops. 

Chael is well recognised in the industry as a competent and credible therapist, facilitator, motivational speaker and coach. Chael has the ability to raise levels of knowledge, understanding and skills in people development and engagement, creating effective change and development within individuals and teams, both on a personal and intellectual level.

Chael has designed and presented various workshops and training programs, ranging from Leadership Development, Social and Emotional Intelligence to Change Management. Chael’s specialty areas include Individual Psychotherapy for personal development and growth, In-house Corporate Workshops and Motivational Talks, Training on various topics, Improving individual social skills and performance of employees, Perception Management and Social Intelligence training in the workplace, as well as coaching with the focus on results.

Chael has facilitated training and workshops over a wide range of industries including the government arena and a number of multi-national corporate sectors, all with impressive results.

Nic Gildenhuys: Facilitator | Coach

Nic Gildenhuys

Nic has extensive experience in the banking industry. Although he has also been involved in a diverse range of other industries his primary focus centers on strategic management facilitation where he has extensive knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard. Coupled with this Nic has an excellent knowledge of business processes and process modelling tools. He also has a solid track record in project management where he has been very successful in the development and delivery of numerous successful training interventions.

Debbie Green Hunt: Facilitator | Life Coach | EAP Consultant

Debbie is a positive and energetic Facilitator and Life Coach. She is passionate about personal development and upliftment through facilitating expansion of self-awareness and empowering others with the tools to help themselves, and make wise choices in life. 

She has been facilitating a wide range of soft skills and life skills talks, workshops and training courses for the last 17 years, both in organisations and schools. She is recognised for her open optimistic and friendly approach and natural ability to understand and relate to people and their needs. She has a degree in Psychology and qualifications in Life Coaching, English second language training and NLP.

Tarryn Nel: General Manager

Over the past decade Tarryn has been involved in the Training Industry, first as a Client Relationship Manager and then as a Facilitator; she has qualifications in Marketing, Skills Development Facilitator as well as Kinesiology. Tarryn’s in-depth ability to understand the behaviours and requirements of both clients and individuals ensures Clients are always fulfilled.

Tarryn is detailed orientated professional, who enjoys challenges and finding solutions to problem, she has great sense of responsibility, leadership skills, and motivating others to find solutions to ensure positive outcomes. 

Cheryl Naidoo: Sales Consultant

With more than a decade of experience in the Retail and Manufacturing Industry, Cheryl has an exceptional understanding of clients and their related training, team building and employee wellness requirements. Cheryl connects well with people and loves a good chat.

Cheryl is a motivated and dedicated individual who will ensure clients are well taken care of.