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Over the last decade Fastfwd Consulting has assisted a host of organizations, through successful Training, Development and Employee Wellness Specialists Solutions that are specifically designed to create, support and develop extraordinary leaders and remarkably unique individuals.

Training and Development

Our training and development solutions focus on developing leaders and teams resulting in improved job performance, interpersonal relationships, increased knowledge and overall success.
During our workshops leaders and teams develop and expand the range of tools available to them in order to be effective across all contexts.

Our clients report increased interpersonal effectiveness, greater team cohesiveness and increased productivity resulting in overall increased business success.

Our programmes are adapted to suit your organisation’s specific needs and culture, as well as that of the specific group attending the workshops.

Employee Wellness Programme (EAP)

Individuals who work for a company are a unique and an invaluable resource, whose health, commitment and productivity is key to distinguishing between an organisation that prospers and one that merely survives.

In today’s environment, organisations cannot afford to neglect their most vital assets. Our Employee Wellness Programme can successfully assist companies in increasing overall wellness by investing in their human capital

Fastfwd Consultants design and deliver the right combination of services to help employees handle trauma, without compromising their dignity. Furthermore our offering ensures that we address all health and wellness issues holistically. Our interventions are aimed at identifying, educating and intervening to address employees’ overall health issues, through a consultative process

Our Amazing Work

In partnering with our clients, we are able to meet specific needs and goals, by offering the following Training and Wellness Solutions:

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